Krill oil-the nutritional newbie

A few days back, while I was reading an article published by the renowned dietician,Pooja Makhija ,I stumbled across something that was unheard of.

What I am talking about is krill oil and as I dug deeper,I found out some amazing facts and benefits of it which I would like to share.

The name krill comes from a Norwegian word called krill, meaning small fry of fish. Krill oil is an extract that is prepared from the species of Antarctic krill . It is a small , swimming crustacean that live in large schools called swarms and are found in the antarctic waters of the southern ocean.  Two of the most important components in krill oil are omega-3 fatty acids similar to those in fish oil, and phospholipid-derived fatty acids (PLFA), mainly phosphatidylcholine (alternatively referred to as marine lecithin).




Krill oil is a rich source of omega-3-fatty acids providing about 300 mg of it for every two capsules consumed.


It contains astaxanthin which gives krill oil its distinct deep red colour. Astaxantin  is an antioxidant that protects the body against cardiovascular, immune,  and neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, this compound has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative capabilities.


Findings from a study conducted at Mc Gill university indicated that krill oil helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.Individuals taking just 500 mg of krill oil daily achieved improvement in sustaining good (HDL) cholesterol levels compared to individuals taking 3 grams of fish oil.


A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition highlighted the effectiveness of krill oil in lubricating joints and supporting a healthy inflammatory response.


The ORAC(oxygen radical absorbance capacity) scale measures the effectiveness of antioxidants at fighting free radicals . Krill oil has been shown to carry a value of 43 unlike fish oil which carries a value of 8. As astaxanthin is the antioxidant that is present in krill oil, it fights against the free radicals,thereby helping you achieve a healthier and a glowing skin that you always wished for.


Krill oil does not leave a fishy aftertaste in your mouth like fish oil often can. That’s because krill oil mixes easily in your stomach, unlike fish oil.

It is available in small and easy-to-swallow soft gel, compared with the much larger pills that fish oil typically comes in.



Even though krill oil has been recently discovered, it brings along with itself a plethora of advantages and benefits. So give it a thought, and switch to this wondrous red capsule for a healthier and a younger you!

Nitya Bansal


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  1. onehusbandtwodogs says:

    very interesting post;)


    1. NutriVise says:

      Thank you! I hope the other posts interest you as well!:)


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