Fight or Flight?


Cold here , cold there,  it’s just everywhere! true isn’t it?  It’s surprising to see  the increasing number of people suffering with fever, flu and common cold especially due to a drastic change in the weather conditions.  Medicines are the most preferred approach by most of us but eating rightly  also can serve as a panacea  and speed up the healing process.

PROTEIN:  it is the quintessential nutrient that every cell in the body requires for growth and repair.
Protein is  what you need in order to bolster your internal soldiers as well as fight both the disease and its wear and tear. Even a trivial amount of protein lost from the body must be replaced from the diet.  The recommended dosage for protein is 1gm/kg body weight. For example, if you weigh about a 60-65 kilos then the ideal consumption of protein would be around 60-67 gms. While nursing your flu or cold, proteins consumed in the form of eggs(egg whites), fish, white meats like chicken, dals and quinoa work the best.


VITAMIN C:  known for its surfeit amount of antioxidants that it provides, vitamin c helps boost immunity.  A popular treatment for the common cold, most studies suggest that while it probably won’t eliminate your cold entirely, it may ameliorate the condition of an individual. Foods like amla, citrus fruits ( oranges, lemons , etc,)  kiwi are great sources of vitamin C.


VITAMIN B12:   It is an organic molecule that helps the enzyme function and catalyzes recovery as well. It is essential for growth and division of cells and for immunity . However,  B12 can only be found in animal foods such as dairy and eggs. Vegans can take B12 in the form of supplements approved by your doctor.



PROBIOTICS: these are termed as the beneficial bacteria which are mainly ingested in order to maintain a healthy intestinal tract and fight against disease. These bacteria can be found in yogurt, buttermilk, and in a pill or a powder form.



What would you do?

Keep sneezing and coughing for days together or fight against it for a salubrious body?






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  1. heri says:

    I found a hot bowl of Vietnamese soup helps a lot ! It’s got lemon, protein, mint, spices, and more

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