Introducing Nutritious Nudge….

Hello everyone! As you’ll know this blog is operated by two of us, Nitya Bansal and I,Soumya Kumar. 

Finally I have crossed another milestone in my life, Graduation. My dreams are finally going to take shape now. I have started my own brand by the Name of Nutritious Nudge. 

“Nutritious Nudge By Soumya Kumar” is a subtle effort that pushes you towards a lifestyle change that will last forever. Diets are short term and comes with an expiry date…At “Nutritious Nudge” we believe that there is no diet that will do what healthy eating does. The food you eat can either be the most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. As a healthy outside starts from the inside, we help you make small, comfortable and positive food choices that will help you detox and eventually reach your goal. With mindful eating, we pave your way to wellness.

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  1. Rupam kumar says:

    Wishing you love and luck in all your endeavors…

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