organic-food-peace-of-mind-on-every-biteRecently, there has been a lot of chit-chat about organic foods  and organic farming. What is so intriguing about them? what is the talk all about?

Organic foods are those which grow under natural conditions, whose properties such as texture, colour, size and flavour are not modified and those which are free from chemicals , toxins and fertilisers.

Here a few reasons why you should consider growing organic foods:

  1. SPACE SAVER :  acres of forest are razed every year and with the human population growing at such a tremendous pace, the earth is heaving under pressure from our cities. Growing food in urban spaces, terraces and rooftops is a natural step towards sustainability and therefore organic foods serve this purpose perfectly.
  2. REDUCES CARBON FOOTPRINT :  most of the vegetables and fruits travel a long way before they reach the market through various means of transportation that emit harmful gases and contribute to the air pollution. However, growing your own very vegetables can considerably reduce this ugly carbon footprint.
  3. INVOLVES THE FAMILY IN THE FORM OF A FUN ACTIVITY :  nowadays, due to the increasing exposure to technology, the children of this generation are unaware about where their food comes from actually.  Growing organic vegetables in the house environment not only involves everyone but also proves to be an effective and a creative way to educate kids and other family members about gardening, the benefits of such foods, etc.
  4.  PROMOTES COMPOSTING AND SEGREGATION:  a good organic garden needs a good organic compost. The best way would be to segregate your garbage at home and compost your kitchen waste. It is an amazing circle of life, where the food that you grow in your garden can be composed to nurture the very same garden.
  5. SUPPORTS A MINI ECOSYSTEM:  having a garden at home will start attracting visitors such as bees, butterflies and birds which are essential for pollination and maintaining a balanced ecosystem.
  6. BENEFICIAL FOR THE BODY , MIND AND SOUL: growing your food means eliminating the usage of pesticides and other hazardous chemicals. Also, working in your garden is a great form of physical activity along with being an effective stress buster.

Growing organic foods not only contribute towards the betterment of the environment and the human body but also helps in fostering a strong sense of connection between you and nature.

So why wait? Start right now!



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